Meet the Team



Andrea is "the voice on the phone."  For most people it is she that they first speak with.  Andrea has worked with Dr. Van Horne since August of 2007.  Her experience in the dental field goes much further back than that.

She is a Registered Dental Assistant with many years of experience working at chairside with several doctors.  Sometimes she may surprise you by assisting Dr. Van Horne directly in providing your dental treatment.

Andrea has moved to the front office and has several years at her current position.  She will help you to understand the ins and outs of your dental coverage.  She works very hard to be sure we can tell you exactly what your costs will be before we begin your care.  Your treatment needs can change as we work, more or less work maybe required; but you can rest assured that Andrea will do her best to keep you informed if any changes effect your cost.

She lives in Spring Valley with her husband, her daughter and her three grandsons.  Her son-in-law is in the Navy and as we all know that can mean many months way.





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